Introducing the HHS

The HHS is an advanced built-in glass cockpit based on our “Horizon” software, especially designed for ultralight airplanes.

With its advanced features, we took out everything that is not directly needed and focused on the key functions a glass cockpit should have. This makes the solution simpler to use, more reliable, and also more affordable.

The final prototype of the HHS is ready as it has been revealed on the AERO 2023 trade fair. It currently undergoes excessive beta testing on and above the ground and will be available on the market for purchase by the beginning of the year 2024.

  • 10 inch, 1000cd/m² brightness (or 7 inch PFD or 8 inch portable)
  • Optional buttons, rotary encoders
  • Optional 4G modem (e.g. for automatic weather downloading)
  • Wifi (for updates, connection with portable devices)
  • Ethernet (for multiple PFD/MFD connections)
  • Backup GPS

The glass cockpit software is based on our “Horizon – Your Portable Glass Cockpit” solution but is an advanced version that also includes the displaying of engine data, pitot static data, and much more.

Fully featured glass cockpit:

  • 3D Synthetic Vision
  • Moving Map
  • Profile View
  • Sensor Indications
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • VFR + IFR chart data
  • Tunnel in the Sky / Approach Procedures
  • Highly customizable
  • and all the other Horizon Glass Cockpit features:
  • AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System)
  • Gas sensor (carbon monoxide and other VOCs)
  • Pressure sensor (inside, for backup)
  • Optional ILS (Localizer, Glideslope) reception
  • Optional ADS-B Traffic (1090 Mhz, in)
  • Optional FLARM (in+out)
  • Optional SDR (for ILS)
  • GNSS/GPS receiver with active antenna (3 concurrent GNSS + WAAS + EGNOS)
  • Connectors: Ethernet, USB male (connection with PFD), USB female, antennas (GNSS, 2x SDR, FLARM, ADS-B)
  • Pitot/Static tubes (indicated and true airspeed)
  • CAN bus
  • RS485/RS422
  • RS232 for autopilot
  • OAT probe (outside air temperature)
  • 8x K-Type thermocouple connections
  • 11x universal analog inputs, resististance (recommended < 3500 Ohm), voltage (0-12V), voltage find (0-3.3V) or current (0-20mA).
  • Piezo sensor (knock sensor) connection
  • 2x Tick / Counter input e.g. RPM
  • Power Supply 12V-40V
  • 2x 5V@3A + 1x 12V@3A + 3.3V@2A output
  • Powers PFD, SensorBox and other avionics with up to 12A
  • Optional delayed power off for saving logs etc.